About Us

Highline Premier FC is a non-profit registered 501c3 organization located in Burien, WA just south of Seattle and has been in operation since 1970. All of the profits go directly to lowering our membership costs and offering scholarships to under privileged families and players. You can feel good about your purchase knowing net profits go directly towards helping spread premier soccer to everyone regardless of their economic status.

Under the direction of the Highline Premier Training program, youth can learn the needed life skills of sportsmanship, mental toughness, self-discipline, commitment and proper work ethic through athletic competition. The group situation encountered in practices and games will provide opportunities for learning how to work with diverse personalities and achieve proficiency in conflict resolution.

A by-product of the Highline Premier program is the development of leaders who have pride, integrity, high self esteem and exhibit “True” sportsmanship through this great game that provides physical fitness for a lifetime.

Through competition at the highest level of play available and participation in high visibility tournaments, the dedicated athlete who wishes a chance to compete at the collegiate level will be prepared to try for it. It is the direct goal of the program to place as many Heat youth soccer players into high school and college soccer programs as possible.

As an end result of participating in the Highline Premier development program, players will possess the necessary life skills to obtain future success whether it is in athletic competition or the professional work place.

Highline Premier exists to provide opportunities for GIFTED and COMMITTED young soccer players to fulfill their potential by playing at the highest level at which they are capable.

The Players will train in a positive, joyful, learning environments with dedicated and knowledgeable coaches who are able to share their passion for the game while setting exemplary standards of good sportsmanship and good citizenship. High academic standards are encouraged and expected.